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Synonyms for harasser

a persistent tormentor

a persistent attacker

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Victims can also ask bystanders to talk to a harasser directly, but the platform will include education to prevent those who do go the direct route from compounding the problem by harassing those accused of harassment.
The harasser did nothing because he knew that he did something wrong.
Under the new laws, harassers face from six months to five years in prison.
Karouny said the recordings were useful as a way to document evidence of sexual harassment that can then be provided to the authorities, to deter harassers, gather legal evidence and to encourage other women to come forward by breaking the "wall of silence.
In documents filed in association with the appeal, Dugan said the boy has now been denied admission to two Christian schools because he was labeled as a sexual harasser in his permanent record.
However, there is no overall "best" way to respond to every harasser in every circumstance.
Autism Initiatives NI interviewed the harasser who admitted touching and making comments to Ms McAleenon.
We decided to establish this initiative, because harassment has of late been perceived as 'rather normal' by society; no-one defends the female victims, unless the harasser goes beyond just talking and starts using his hands," says Ayman Nagy, one of the three founders of the initiative.
After all, it is just another unwanted (non-contact) sexual experience and once can never be sure just how far the harasser will go.
This appellant was a serial harasser of the victim.
1998), in which the alleged harasser unsuccessfully challenged his dismissal.
The steady growth of women in higher-level jobs, coupled with the fact that in many sexual harassment cases the alleged harasser is a supervisor and the alleged victim a subordinate, lends itself to the possibility that more women are now in a position to sexually harass male subordinates or at least become the target of sexual harassment claims.
Fairbrook argued that Kessel was not a harasser but a crude person.
A JUDGE slapped an Asbo on a persistent harasser - after more than 80 complaints were made about the 52-year-old's behaviour in barely a year.
Such victims - who actually outnumber those whose harasser is someone they live with or have been romantically involved with, according to Gov.