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ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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Two of the most popular bars are Bruck'n Stadl, which belts out folk pop and Euro dance from 3pm to 5am; and the more relaxed, sophisticated Harakiri Bar.
You'll be glad to know I was okay and told myself that because my skis didn't ping off like matchsticks on my one-kilometre body surf, that I could class it as a mere slide, rather than a crash - though buying the 'I survived Harakiri' T-shirt in the piste shop felt a little like cheating.
Last month the board, which comes under the prime minister's office, forced a new comic, Harakiri, to be withdrawn after a fine for obscenity.
Hot off his terrific actioner "13 Assassins," Takashi Miike draws less blood from a different vein with "Hara-kiri: Death of a Samurai." A formally elegant, dramatically faithful retelling of Masaki Kobayashi's 1062 black-and-white classic "Harakiri," this slow-burning tragedy will disappoint auds expecting a nonstop slash-'em-up from Asian cinema's most prolific purveyor of extreme violence.
For the intrepid, the resort also boasts the Harakiri, Austria's steepest ski slope, a black run with an average incline of 38 degrees.
From a imposing score of 267 for the loss of two wickets, India committed batting harakiri, losing nine wickets for 29 runs in nine overs.
They should rise up and commit ritual suicide to regain their honor, as do his neurotic-erotic students in his 2002 Harakiri School Girls.
Describing the latest election results as ''shocking,'' Mahathir, a longtime fan of Japan and its way of doing business, said, ''I think the Japanese would have committed harakiri.''
She became popular in Europe for her harakiri scenes on stage.
25, 1970, Mishima -- heading a group of four followers -- committed harakiri, Japanese ritual suicide, after making an unsuccessful plea to SDF men at the Ground Self-Defense Force Eastern Corps Headquarters in Ichigaya, Tokyo, to rebel with him and try to set up a new Constitution.
''People are calling this the group of death, but I don't want my team to commit harakiri,'' said former Preston and Stockport midfielder Baxter, whose Swedish champions came within four minutes of beating mighty Barcelona last week.
Harakiri?, a cross between a leaflet, a poster and a little magazine which appeared twice (Berlin, 1920), was also edited by Worm and seems to consist mainly of poems and grotesques by himself.