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ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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It makes me feel like living in the Twilight Zone," Perker said when asked what he would feel if Harakiri went into the black bag.
The Penken peak offered skiing for all - from Austria's steepest black run called Harakiri, which has a gradient of 78%, to gentle blues, with a handy mix of reds for some speed and off-piste on fresh snow.
But a PD-PDL coalition is seen as political harakiri by some Bersani aides.
The event kicks off with HARAKIRI FEVER at noon and ends with AFRAID TO SLEEP going on stage at 10.
In front of the entire country Medvedev was commiting political harakiri," she wrote on the site of popular Echo of Moscow radio.
In an era of coalitions which are forged in the absence of any hysterical articulation of ideological agendas, they would be committing political harakiri by defending terror suspects," said a BJP observer.
Those regularly requiring to shift six or seven people no longer need contemplate harakiri when faced with trying to remove or fold away heavy seats.
She became popular in Europe for her harakiri scenes on stage.
25, 1970, Mishima -- heading a group of four followers -- committed harakiri, Japanese ritual suicide, after making an unsuccessful plea to SDF men at the Ground Self-Defense Force Eastern Corps Headquarters in Ichigaya, Tokyo, to rebel with him and try to set up a new Constitution.
BCCI mediaperson Rajeev Shukla said Raut was committing harakiri by criticising Sachin.