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Synonyms for hara-kiri

ritual suicide


Synonyms for hara-kiri

ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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When de Gaulle died, the offending cover of Hara-Kiri Hebdo, from whose ashes Charlie was born, was entirely filled by a black-bordered notice stating "Bal tragique a Colombey--1 mort" (Tragic Ball in Colombey--1 Casualty), which referred both to the horrendous fire in a nightclub the week before, in which many people had died, and to the tiny village where de Gaulle had been spending his retirement years.
Giri tells the story of a martial arts master who discovers he has cancer and wants to commit suicide in the traditional Japanese way, Hara-kiri.
Here, she committed hara-kiri and we were jolted back to the 2008 Versailles film.
Aside from being illogical -- how can one state actually be two in an international sense -- it is tantamount to committing political hara-kiri for the whole of Cyprus and if ever implemented will go down in the history books as one of the world's biggest political blunders.
In fact, both date to the early 1990s--in the days before Ed Dupont ran the Senate and only served as president of the body and Wayne King's desire to commit political hara-kiri and run for governor against Steve Merrill was merely a glimmer in his eye.
I was a student at Queen Mary College in the early 1980s and I listened to the head of the nuclear engineering department commit hara-kiri when he said: "We have waited many years for the nuclear energy revolution to take place but I fear it will never come.
The captains of business, and many others, are apparently now driven to pursue self-destruction or, in other words, to commit hara-kiri, but to do so with the same philosophy as that of suicide bombers, being to destroy not only themselves, but also all others," predicted the pro-opposition economist, Eric Bloch, on 30 March 2007 in the column he writes for the Harare-based private weekly newspaper, Zimbabwe Independent.
According to the lower house's secretariat, it was ''probably the first case in postwar Japan'' for an incumbent Cabinet member to commit suicide since then Army Minister Korechika Anami committed hara-kiri on Aug.
Mishima committed ritual hara-kiri and was then beheaded by his lover.
The anti-locking braking system is extremely efficient as I discovered when another driver with a death wish decided to attempt hara-kiri in front of me.
Rumsfeld would have honorably taken his own life by committing hara-kiri following the prisoner abuse scandal.
It was sitcom powermeisters Harry Thomas and Linda Bloodworth-Thomas who burnished candidate Bill Clinton's powerhouse media persona during the 1992 elections; more recently, fundraising dynamo Barbra Streisand seemed on the verge of hara-kiri after last November's election catastrophe.
After earnest consideration, the ronin were ordered to commit hara-kiri.
And throughout any animal's life, once immune cells ward off a dangerous microbe, they typically perform this hara-kiri.