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of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch

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com/prnh/20130307/600769 ) Most people are familiar with Haptic technology by way of the kinesthetic user interface for smart phones or other consumer electronics that recreates a sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user.
Next generation Internet applications will be tactile and responsive to non-verbal communication in which remote users will be able to enjoy haptic experiences through real-time interactive systems.
The increase in the demand of consumer electronics devices such as smart-phones, tablets, media players, home appliances, virtual interfaces and the need for the product differentiation is expected to drive the growth of the global haptic technology market.
Haptic feedback is no longer a simple buzz, or a mere notification of a message, says Mike Owen, EVP, North America Sales, Opera Mediaworks.
Further, when used in automotive navigation and entertainment systems, the haptic technologies bring increased realism and feedback mechanisms to the touch interfaces and can provide critical confirmation cues, besides they offer designers with the flexibility to create unique, customized interior designs in the car, often at a reduced cost than similar capabilities via mechanical equivalents.
Haptic perception usually occurs under conditions of active touch, when the subject's hand or skin contacts an object (Gibson, 1966).
The researchers have revealed that the system works with two robotic hands and a video teleconferencing system, with each person grasping a haptic robotic hand, which stands in for their own arms.
Haptic interaction is about making lowcost and simple devices to communicate with the computer, which are able to generate haptic responses ("haptic" refers to the sense of touch).
The unit also includes an I2C controlled digital playback engine, freeing up the main processor from generating haptic effects.
Touch screen technology is a staple in many of today's electronics, but the haptic technology that drives touch screens suffers slow response times and large battery drains.
The RedHawk family of solutions consists of a modular, expandable system of wireless haptic controllers, precision manipulators, UGVs and accessories that can be adapted for specific missions.
SPACE)GENEVA, Nov 16 (KUNA) - - The swiss federal institute of technology in Lausanne (EPFL) announced on Wednsday that a haptic screen, which the user can really feel are currently working.
Michael Ondaatje; haptic aesthetics and micropolitical writing.
In "The Bloody Chamber" Angela Carter creates horror not by appealing to the reader's intellect but rather by stimulating bodily sensations in terms of colour, temperature and haptic (sense of touch) conditions.
AIST is bringing the feeling of reality into Virtual reality with its haptic interface that pushes, and pulls the user.