happy hour

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the time of day when a bar sells alcoholic drinks at a reduced price

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Then did ye haunt me with foul phantoms; ah, whither hath that happy hour now fled!
We shall not forget the happy hours we have spent together; we shall constantly write to each other.
But whenever I tried to fix my mind on marriage, and our living together, other thoughts always came in--the times when I've prayed by the sick and dying, and the happy hours I've had preaching, when my heart was filled with love, and the Word was given to me abundantly.
Let us talk no more of death, let us rather speak of our childhood, when we wandered hand in hand; let us talk also of our love, and of the happy hours that we have spent since your great axe rang upon the rock in the Halakazi caves, and my fear told you the secret of my womanhood.
Dear old table," he said, "I've spent some happy hours with you, and you've been a pretty good friend when all is said and done.
What happy hours Mary and I have passed while sitting at our work by the fire, or wandering on the heath-clad hills, or idling under the weeping birch (the only considerable tree in the garden), talking of future happiness to ourselves and our parents, of what we would do, and see, and possess; with no firmer foundation for our goodly superstructure than the riches that were expected to flow in upon us from the success of the worthy merchant's speculations.
Grandma, too, was glad to find willing hands and feet to serve her; and Polly passed many happy hours in the quaint rooms, learning all sorts of pretty arts, and listening to pleasant chat, never dreaming how much sunshine she brought to the solitary old lady.
The bills were up in the Sedley house, where he had passed so many, many happy hours.
Rushworth, for I look forward to our owing her a great many gay, brilliant, happy hours.
The rich inventive genius of the painter must be smothered and lost for want of the power of drawing, and in our happy hours we should be inexhaustible poets if once we could break through the silence into adequate rhyme.
Go, with my blessing for the many happy hours she has given me, and my forgiveness for any pang she has caused me.
Park Slope's Carnem Prime Steakhouse has recently entered the conversation with the announcement that the steakhouse has debuted a Tuesday -- Sunday, 5:00PM to 7:00PM Happy Hour, under the direction of acclaimed Mixologist Artemio Vasquez, taking classic cocktails, innovative new drinks and seasonal specials all to the next level.
8220;In Austin, everyone loves brunch and everyone loves happy hour -- so we decided to bring them together at Lucky Robot,” says Adam Weisberg, Owner of Lucky Robot and Zen Restaurants.
It's a daunting task to take on the classic 1975 hit, with its complex mix of heavy rock and opera, but Happy Hour were more than up to the task.