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Synonyms for happenstance

an unexpected random event

Synonyms for happenstance

an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental

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In support of our second hypothesis, tolerance of uncertainty had a significant moderation effect on the relationship between happenstance skills and career decision self-efficacy.
It was not chance or happenstance that they were all dressed in such similar fashion.
Nothing, of course, goes according to plan in a story that is full of wit, dry New York humour and strange happenstance.
This study used a pretest-posttest, nonequivalent control group, quasi-experimental design to examine the effectiveness of a 12-week, metacognitive and planned happenstance career training course for Taiwanese college students.
By happenstance Newark's mayor, Cory Booker, was at the same bank that day, and he witnessed the attempted robbery.
I think it was Ian Fleming who pointed out that once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times .
When I'm gathering materials, I make use of happenstance. In this case, I was driven around Odense, where I found a lot of used fur coats (it's a cold place).
The pots she has chosen to show at Ceramic Art London 2005 have glazes which demonstrate the control, happenstance and sheer sweat that are constant features of the potter's existence.
Her rich vocals on Happenstance splay a bright disaster that might be blamed on youth, but it's hard not to listen closely to the smoky chaos that oozes all over universal truths that seem shockingly profound coming from someone who's only 26.
BLACK ENTERPRISE decided to profile four individuals who, through choice or happenstance, wound up with unusual jobs.
Luke wants to make sure we know none of this is arbitrary or happenstance. It was all foretold in Scripture.
Petrone argues that the coincidence of terror and festivity during this period was not mere happenstance, nor were celebrations an attempt to distract the population from the depredations of terror.
Weinberg says that it could be mere happenstance. He notes, for example, that there are no large galaxies nearby.
The biggest irony may be that the megadeal came together almost by happenstance, says Warner worldwide consumer products prexy Dan Romanelli.
In fact, anyone who has ever visited any natural history museum anywhere will probably enjoy finding out more about the teamwork, research, travel, and happenstance that are often involved in museum set-up.