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an unexpected random event

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The happenchance occurred when, the day after Ted Bergstrom had commented upon our article, he attended a seminar by Davis and Kilian.
And from the middle of February it's Chinese New Year of the Pig - which happenchance is my own Oriental birth sign, although it seems they somehow calculate this from the time of conception - ahem - rather than the moment we come mewling into the world, so it isn't worth a tinker's cuss to us, so to speak.
By happenchance I stumbled onto one of the better kept secrets of the American Revolution: that tens of thousands of slaves flocked to the British lines when they were promised freedom for supporting the King, precipitating the biggest single act of slave rebellion in modern history.
By happenchance there's now a Mexican restaurant in St Andrews where Prince William begins an arts course in September.
Further, that the act of accepting incorporation isn't happenchance, luck, guessing, applied intuition or the old exercise of inculcated bias, but an act of commitment to an idea which fits the individual.
(99) According to what might be termed the strong nationalist position, (100) the national category is so entirely consuming that persons are mere effects and instantiations of the happenchance of their cultural location.
This attacking of ADP's correct orientation and the psychological misorientation which results is hardly happenchance as it originates in codified Eurasian supremacist thought across the ages (Ani, 1994; Management of Negroes, 1919; Wobogo, 1976) which at its base is anti-African culture and civilization (Azibo, 1992).
HAPPENCHANCE is a twelve-letter word consisting of six distinct letters, each of which appears exactly twice.
The melanism of the human prototype is certainly not happenchance. Melanin is one of those significant things put in an insignificant place in Western thought.
Lawyers for Steven Leslie Brown, who was jailed for at least 30 years for the horrific murders of David McIlwaine, 18, and Andrew Robb, 19, insisted Burcombe was no "hapless, happenchance bystander".
Thank biological happenchance and white wine and soda that my wife was born and I managed to get her drunk enough to say, "yes", when I proposed to her, otherwise I would be in a right mess.
A single incident also qualifies even if, in essence, it was experimental or happenchance as the hard-and-fastness of the culture-based proscription of these behaviors should also be self-evident.
Surely this is deliberate and not happenchance. For example, in the United States the slavers decided on "the Christianization of Africans as a means of social control" (Drake, 1970, 19).