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"Perhaps, in future we will return to use of Kyrgyzstan's assets in Centerra Gold, but this will happen upon resolution of the situation with the Kumtor mine," Sariev said.
Who's to say Scotland won't suddenly happen upon a great group of players and they get to a World Cup via a play-off or a Euro Championships in his football life time?
And we've not even mentioned this ill-fated attempt at a sitcom about two after-hours security guards yet - a venture so awful that most people who came upon it first time around henceforth vowed to only read books, just in case they should accidentally happen upon it again at some point and fall instantly blind.
that we are about to happen upon stains, small darkening pools of life
The Mentalist (9.00pm) A wealthy businessman is found dead at a marina, and Patrick and the team happen upon their first suspect when they discover the man's girlfriend is actually a con-artist.
The Mentalist (9.00pm) A businessman is found dead, and the team happen upon their first suspect when they discover his girlfriend is a con-artist.
They happen upon each other and form a deep friendship--but will it be strong enough to withstand the dangers on the road ahead?
Part 1 describes what filers need to know to assess long-term goals and bankruptcy results, Part II details what will happen upon filing, and the third part tells how to rebuild credit later.
And I've not even mentioned their long-forgotten feature-film Boys In Blue - so awful I vowed to henceforth only read books, just in case I accidentally happen upon it on telly.
If a colony is small, few ants wander around and they are unlikely to happen upon a trail before the pheromones evaporate.
It centers on the issues of trust and fidelity, playing out a drama that suggests if rich people insist on hastily marrying beautiful strangers they happen upon in the woods, women whose genealogy is uncertain, they should be prepared for some surprises and marital adjustments.