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Synonyms for happen



happen on or upon something

Synonyms for happen

to take place by chance

happen on: to find or meet by chance

Synonyms for happen

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Ins: Pato (loan), Miazga (New York Red Bulls PS3.5m) Outs: Ramires (Jiangsu Suning PS25m) What could happen today: Forget talk of John Stones or Antoine Griezmann.
But as Mourinho looks to retain the Premier League crown that Chelsea lifted in May, the Blues boss added: "We can reach that kind of standard but it only happens once in a while.
"How can your department claim credit for a halving in the number of events that must never happen again when, by definition, such events just happened whether they were allowed to or not?" we asked.
Things turn very serious when Rosalind becomes aware of two tragedies that will happen to her sisters.
Point out that now that these events have happened, everyone will be even more cautious and alert about strangers ill school buildings and on school grounds, making the likelihood of a similar incident occurring even smaller.
Indeed, according to an invitation sent by the same promoter advertising another party in June, the Raw Dukes event didn't happen. "Our apologies for cancellin the last jumpoff," the invite, obtained exclusively by The Advocate, reads.
Until they meet, nothing happens. Unless the government threatens to intervene, nothing will happen.
They have to be as near perfect as possible and the reaction must happen at the right time for the kicker to have the best possible chance for success.
What are the things that you want to happen that will address the complaint
Gethin Williams, 26, of New Street said: "It's very unusual for something like this to happen in a village like ours."
This is the personal epiphany of an obsessive-compulsive, workaholic, personality type A physician who fortunately "got it" in time and spent ten adrenaline-soaked, memory-producing years making "someday" happen.
"If I forgave this person, something bad would happen (I'd be tempted to reconcile with them, they could hurt me again, etc)." If you forgave this person, in what ways could you still maintain your resolve to stay separate and be protected from future hurt?
Even proponents acknowledge that there are plenty of bloody accidents waiting to happen when pay for performance hits the road.
It can happen by simple human error or it can happen by ill intent.