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The likening of the women to birds caught in a thicket conveys their haplessness; the awful detail of their twitching feet constitutes a palpable elegy for their deaths.
When Hortensio returned with his head peeping through his guitar, a haplessness brought about by the soldierly Katherine, Petruchio really did "love her ten times more than e'er I did" (2.1.161).
One of the qualities that makes Bush so comforting may be his very haplessness, the fact that he's as much a screwup as the average bloke, in this insecure age, imagines himself to be.
One way or other, the films need to get a hold on the audience's easy-going acceptance of the 'sting' at the heart of most of the plots, whether it's a matter of having attractive stars, like Newman and Redford, or of a level of wit in the writing that softens any urge to censoriousness, as there was in Dearden's League, where, as well, there was a degree of sympathy for those whose peacetime lives had let them down, or of a bumbling haplessness that means the gang doesn't pose a serious threat to life as we know it.
Indeed, since Riley left OSU after two seasons of three and five wins, respectively - the latter a remarkable achievement for a program that hadn't achieved a winning season since 1970 - the Beavers have been to three bowl games, won the Fiesta Bowl and buried their image of haplessness.
The Jack Anderson column the next day turned our low-speed crash into a metaphor for Wellstone's haplessness, and made it sound as if Wellstone himself were driving.
A sample of 174 Australian adults participated in a mail survey of paranormal beliefs, belief in good luck, and haplessness. Canonical correlation analysis identified two pairs of canonical variates.
There's poverty, there's crime." Warming up to the subject of haplessness many feel in the face of adversity, he added, "There's some people who are gonna have and some who are not.
His life, according to others, has been a series of haplessness and hardluck stories.
These are issues that Zambians will need to seriously ponder before resigning themselves to haplessness.
There is no multifaceted anatomization of pride and prejudice--just a display in various contexts of Bridget's charming haplessness and ineptitude.
A neighbour takes pity on his haplessness and orders her good-for-nothing bragaddocio smalltime yakuza husband (played by Kitano) to help the boy in his search.
He makes his subtlety fully competitive with Pitt's rampages, shifting quietly but deeply from haplessness to self-conscious toughness to pit-of-the-stomach desperation.
Top tottie are undeterred by his cringeingly Sixties schoolboy humour, his hopeless haplessness and his gangly, seven-stone-weakling physique.
None of these people is particularly likable, and yet their utter haplessness is oddly endearing.