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Synonyms for haphazardness

the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan

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On the other hand, a certain haphazardness in the editing is again noticeable, as these notes sometimes get too cumbersome and specific.
Hopkins' imagery deals in contrasts and paradoxes in the juxtaposition of geometry and gesture, in the constraint of dark grids and grey patterns of dots, confronted with the haphazardness of loops and curves of colour.
There's a quality of haphazardness and experimentation.
Excess variety creates a feeling of haphazardness, while a lack of variety invites boredom.
As one discovers from the preface, this haphazardness is part of the plan.
But the haphazardness of the contents is balanced by the professional gloss that comes from being within the modern mall.
Many Israelis argue that this notion gives too much credit to their society and leadership and contend that minimal planning, chance, luck, and near total haphazardness have brought them to their precarious state of affairs.
She made the braids quickly, without a mirror, and she wanted credit for their haphazardness.
It was a pretty awful encounter, full of mistakes and haphazardness which started in atrocious conditions.
The order and symmetry are jarring amidst the haphazardness of this poor land.
But while his work has the bare-boned tenuousness and temporariness of a construction site, it doesn't have its violence or haphazardness.
The lack of data standards and the haphazardness of data collection and retrieval were two of a number of EDR issues that encouraged the Department of Transportation (through the NHTSA) to issue an EDR rule in August 2006.