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Just the type of coach the 14 players haphazardly signed by Di Canio this summer need to boost their confidence then, eh?
Summary: The dangerous consequences of parking haphazardly in front of mosques are being highlighted as part of a new awareness campaign launched by the Sharjah Police.
In many cases even earthing is missing or done haphazardly. Very often quality of cables and hardware is also not right at all.
The fire could be ascribable to heaps of paper and garbage inside the premises as the major cause, possibly because someone who was inside the building had haphazardly thrown a cigarette stub.
And while a safari should be an adventure in every sense of the word, it is not to be taken lightly or embarked upon haphazardly. Before you book that first trip, learn what you need to know and travel with a touch more confidence.
They produce jittering wedges of off-kilter surf pop that slide haphazardly between bright melody and caterwauling guitar and keys.
Some operatives will smash them to get the copper coils out and leave a mess, leaving the scrap lads to 'dismantle' them haphazardly discarding the rest.
What we found was that a mole's tunnel may wander haphazardly across the garden, but once it crosses a newly planted row of corn, the tunnel will change direction and go right down the row taking 95% of the seeds.
MANY correspondents quite rightly raise the issues of potholes and road repairs being dealt with slowly and seemingly haphazardly. Martin Noble (Mailbag, April 1) tells us of road humps being constructed and potholes being ignored in Honley.
This looks like bits of two entirely dissimilar dresses haphazardly sewn together, neither of them good.
Washington, June 27 (ANI): A recent study by Australian biologist Jim Underwood has found that despite the fact that corals cast their eggs and sperm haphazardly into the oceans, certain species of coral show remarkable loyalty to their home range.
Retinal screening is used to spot signs of retinopathy, a condition that occurs when blood vessels in the retina of the eye become blocked, leaky or grow haphazardly. If left untreated it can damage vision and ultimately cause blindness.
There are plenty of ethics textbooks for pharmacy students; but for pharmacy technicians the information is presented haphazardly in texts on other subjects, and few programs offer a course devoted to ethics.
Poor governance is to blame: "urban areas have grown haphazardly without provisions or plans for infrastructure and services", plus poor air quality and traffic management, water degradation and weak disaster preparedness.
feature aseptate, ribbon-like, haphazardly branching hyphae, while Aspergillus spp.