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Synonyms for hap

the quality shared by random, unintended, or unpredictable events or this quality regarded as the cause of such events

to take place by chance

Synonyms for hap

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This indicates that HAp coating can be prepared at the ethanol volume content of 0-20%, and it can be seen that the (112) peak intensity of HAp slightly strengthens with an increase in ethanol content.
A second mission is to facilitate cooperation among various entities involved in deterring terrorism and improving safety with the sharing of information, Hap said.
Dyeing and Finishing Operations: new and existing facilities engaged in dyeing operations must limit HAP emissions to no more than 0.
They have begun a follow-up study focusing more closely on the relationship between cumulative exposure to HAPs and childhood leukemia, which will include questionnaire information on personal activity patterns and indoor pollution sources.
The resins used in reconstituted wood products and the processes used in pressing have an impact on VOC and HAP emissions.
After persuasively lobbying the General, Hap gave in.
For example, a taxpayer's actual allocation ratio would be lower than its HAP, if it implements a just-in-time manufacturing process, which reduces fixed overhead, subsequent to electing the HAP, method.
Danny loved visiting Uncle Hap at his farm in the country.
A unique book with systematic and thorough coverage of HAP related issues, problems and solutions.
The merger between HAP, which is headquartered in Detroit, and Flint-based HealthPlus will establish a company that's one of the largest health insurers in Michigan.
about the HAP 5 project, mistakenly included information about the HAP 10 project.
Hap Weyman had always been the mountain in his son Terry's life.