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a two-wheeled horse-drawn covered carriage with the driver's seat above and behind the passengers


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In those distant days, those unwilling to mix with the hoi polloi on an omnibus could make the journey to hospital, if they could afford the fare, in a hansom cab.
Rough waters and a clear skyline blend into the Pier Head and the new Museum of Liverpool A hansom cab from yesteryear mingles with modern pedestrians outside the Walker Art Gallery A street artist tries to tempt customers outside St George's Hall
the liver Swap the car for a hansom cab and it becomes North London in the days when Hampstead Heath was semi-rural.
The Right Time just holds Hansom Cab in the sprint handicap, while Smoke catches Demo-kos on the line in the 12-furlong event.
Built in 1829 by Joseph Hansom, the designer of the Hansom cab, the building housed up to 30 prisoners.
During the building work two labourers died, and Hansom - remembered chiefly today for his invention of the Sherlock Holmesian Hansom cab - was bankrupted.
Even beyond that, the elements for a good family film fantasy are there: a fairy godmother convention threatened with disruption by an outcast-turned-witch (Kathleen Turner) and an 8-year-old girl, Anabel (Mara Wilson), whose "simple wish" is that her widowed, velvet-voiced father (Robert Pastorelli), a Manhattan hansom cab driver, might win the leading role in the lavish new Broadway musical based on "A Tale of Two Cities.
The gaol was built in 1829, designed on the latest and most enlightened principles by the young Joseph Aloysius Hansom, who went on to patent the hansom cab.
From Riverside rolls along at a rapid pace a hansom cab.
The gaol was built in 1829 by Joseph Hansom, the designer of the Hansom cab.
They married just nine months after meeting at York's Burns Hotel, now The Hansom Cab.
England were still sticking to the effective but old-fashioned 2-3-5 formation, which was soon to be made to look as outdated as a Hansom cab on a motorway.
The Grade I listed gaol was designed by Joseph Hansom - the inventor of the Hansom cab - and opened in 1829.
To his left, Lord Snooty (David Cameron) employed that frown he favours when trying to look like a statesman, but instead looks like an 1880s aristocrat staring out of a hansom cab at beggars.