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Synonyms for hanker

to have a strong longing for

Synonyms for hanker

desire strongly or persistently

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TIME and again English to hanker 'to have a longing or craving' (after, for) has been stated to be borrowed from Flemish.Jan de Vries, Nederlands Etymologisch Woordenboek (1971; fasc.
Well, is it not obvious that they hanker for the right-wing, racist, chauvinist, anti-European, anti-worker who will do away with the minimum wage and repatriate innocent people to be tortured or worse.
A new survey suggests men actually hanker for a brunette, preferably with blue eyes and weighing in at a size 14.
How their fans must hanker for the glory days of Jan Aage Fjortoft in his prime and John Moncur getting stamped on by Eric Cantona.
Mr Andrews may hanker for a return to quango government but the truth is that good schools are rooted in communities; they need to be locally accountable and have access to effective local support.
If ever you hanker for a more bucolic life and don't know where to start, grab this book.
While most may hanker after their youth in the fifties, more than three-quarters say they would much rather be pensioners today than then.
"I can't hanker you now; you'll have to wait for the handkerchief."
Worrying rise of the far right THE Germans still hanker after a Fuhrer.
To honour his memory, the 40-something male friends, who hanker for a return to their carefree days, head to New England for the funeral, reuniting for the first time in 30 years in the company of loved ones.
It's enough to make you hanker for the days before the rise of the celeb fitness DVD, when soap actors saw out the twilight of their careers treading the boards in panto in Swindon or settling for the odd bit-part in the Bill.
We just seem to be programmed to hanker for things we haven't got, and when we get them, we hanker for what we already had.
It even makes one hanker for an 'October Revolution'!
It's all very well saying if you don't like it, don't watch it, but sometimes don't you just hanker after the Billy Cotton Band Show, The Black and White Minstrels and Dixon of Dock Green?
And Ronny, shamefully, gives no underling (or anyone else) credit for assembling the helpful, detailed "Chronology." Man Ray has no new critical apparatus, and while few hanker for the turgid ramblings that often accompany such books, it's hard to believe that nothing a little fresher than reprints of two brief essays by Breton and statements by Man Ray could be found-perhaps a new critical intervention by Molly Nesbit, or, at least, a reprint of one of Francis M.