hangman's rope

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a rope that is used by a hangman to execute persons who have been condemned to death by hanging

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It is nearly two centuries now since William Booth ended his days at the end of a hangman's rope, a signal to others that crime does not pay.
These include a sexual encounter involving the bathroom girl and a hangman's rope, not to mention a crackpot scheme to return his parents' bones to Armenia.
Most regular racegoers know from bitter experience that it can be a costly day out and face this fact with brave fortitude, but asking them to kick off at pounds 100 down is like asking a condemned man to pay for the hangman's rope.
Bawcutt noted in the Revels edition of the play that the 'rope' is both a hangman's rope and a rope of onions, but dismissed the rest of the line as obscure, if not pointless.
Crooked arms become the hangman's rope, raised above limp, lifeless heads.
Still, Niklas wanted to know whether the hangman's rope felt rough through the black cloth hood and exactly what sort of snapping sound his father's neck made as it broke.
In 2007, the Tory-loving paper's Scottish edition changed it into a hangman's rope and told readers: "Vote SNP today and you put Scotland's head in a noose.
Items include a mummified mermaid, a 60s Dalek, a Victorian hangman's rope and a piece of tattooed skin.
Saddam remarked while the hangman's rope fastened around his neck.
And when Tom's daughter Lissa (Lara Belmont) returns from university, the tension is tighter than a hangman's rope.
Condemned to death by hanging after the guilty verdict was reached, Smith died in his cell before the hangman's rope could be placed around his neck.
3) 76 Russian region (7) 78 Feeling of sorrow (7) 79 Pure (13) 81 Hangman's rope (5) 83 Winter driving hazard (3) 84 Castrated male horse (7) 85 End of a journey (11) 86 Inspiring (11) 88 Do business (5) 89 Lawful, regular (10) 92 Coastal wind (3,6) 94 Devilish youngster (3) 95 Shabby articles (3) 97 Charismatic aura (8) 99 Funeral bugle-call (4,4) 103 Miser (7) 104 Rebel fighter, - - - Guevara (3) 107 Non-transparent (6) 109 Sensual (6) 111 Rounded hillock (5) 113 Say something (5) 114 Consumed (5) 116 Restrain (4) 118 Anger, annoy (4) We are giving you the opportunity to beat your frustration and complete your crossword.
Those who carried on were hunted down with ruthless efficiency and scores ended their lives by dancing the pirates' jig at the end of a hangman's rope.
WITH those bulging eyes, long, skinny arms and jerky movements, Jasper Carrott always gives the impression he's expiring on the end of a hangman's rope.
All life may hold for them now is deciding how to die - by injection or the hangman's rope.