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an executioner who hangs the condemned person

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This was another in the long line of botched executions by the aged hangman who was forced to retire the following year.
The hangman, in something of a panic, approached the prison governor to ask if he could suggest an inmate to assist him.
The method for preparing the noose is the same that was used by hangman Jadhav and three personnel are being trained for the task.
The Hangman is available in both print and ebook format.
However, the appearance of the hangman caused Mortimer to draw back and try to put a stop to the influx of ghosts and ghouls.
The court case led to front page headlines and public hangman Albert Pierrepoint carried out the sentence.
The book briefly recaps the series set-up: Revolutionary War spy Nathan Hale (whose name is shared by the author), just before hanging for treason against the Redcoats, is swallowed into a history book and spit back out to amuse his dim-witted hangman and uberpatriotic provost with stories of American history.
Lawrence XVII, Hangman is the unabridged audiobook of a dark thriller about the return of a serial child killer.
There were 13 steps up to the scaffold, 13 turns in a hangman's noose and 13 pence and a halfpenny paid to the hangman.
7/10 THE LAST HANGMAN by Shashi Warrier (Atlantic Books, PS12.
The appointment of Zimbabwe's new hangman after a seven-year vacancy has raised concerns among human rights advocates that executions will resume inside the country.
The sale of a bible, bible box and mirror is expected to generate great interest from latter-day aficionados familiar with the life and times of the world's most infamous pirate, who went to his grave at the hands of the hangman in London in May 1701.
Kate Cayley (author); THE HANGMAN IN THE MIRROR; Annick Press (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) $12.