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Synonyms for hanging

Synonyms for hanging

hung or appearing to be hung from a support

Synonyms for hanging

decoration that is hung (as a tapestry) on a wall or over a window

a form of capital punishment

the act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely)

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And if this is the solution for murder then it will work on other types of crimes, so before long we are hanging everyone from killers to bank robbers, and from terrorists to protesters.
For a hanging art lesson, students looked for their own "Vidor specials" in family closets, exploring what is beautiful and old, exciting and new, in hanger art.
If you are going to cut several lengths of paper before you start hanging it, check that the height of the wall is the same all around the room.
But most importantly, this is, the last time I checked, a free-ish country and provided that you are not committing a crime or about to commit one, then hanging around is not an offence, and what's more, none of anyone's business.
When the bug was hanging 40 centimeters away, the bat hunted almost as efficiently as if the plant weren't in the room.
Three months ago, at the last public hanging, the neck of the criminal who was hanged was badly cut by the rope.
Hanging in the 18th Century was a crude process, with no trap door which would break the neck and hasten the end.
Put out by Hanging Loose Press, this collection is the third such publication featuring high school-age writers.
Hey, we're not saying you don't deserve a break this summer, but what's the point of spending all of your time hanging at the mall--like there's really something there you haven't peeped a million times already?
When it comes to the success or failure of a gallery to consistently entice clients through its doors, one of the most important factors is hanging. As many gallery owners can attest, some collectors will choose to pass the door of a gallery that is sloppily hung, with art scattered haphazardly across the floor.
Honsa Ergonomic Technologies, Inc., has designed a tool bail that provides hanging suspension for its air tool line.
In 1960, two young Georgia boys were riding bikes on a country road when they saw the body of a black man hanging from a tree branch.
He had been observed alive approximately ten minutes before he was found hanging. After he was found hanging it took a period of time for the officers to open the cell and he was eventually cut down and checked for vital signs.
But then again, he's marking a career milestone in September that every young wannabe director--writer would envy--his first dramatic feature, The Hanging Garden, opens the prestigious Perspective Canada program at the Toronto International Film Festival and then moves on to the San Sebastian Festival in Spain.