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a worker who hangs something

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anything from which something can be hung

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For a relatively small investment, you can completely revamp your closets so as to have these task-oriented hangers provide uniformity and utility, en route following actress Joan Crawford's primal scream, "No wire hangers--ever
Measurement of dynamic parameters of automotive exhaust hangers," Peter Maikkula, Mohan D.
This article provides some background information regarding hanger pins in general, as well as the hanger pins studied in this paper, and it discusses the field ultrasonic technique, including methods, results, and limitations; the immersion tank ultrasonic testing, also including methods, results, and limitations; comparisons between the two testing methods; and conclusions.
Hanger relates that most freed blacks, both men and women, actually favored the institution of slavery.
is one of the largest manufacturers of clothes hangers in the United States offering every type of clothes hanger available today, using only high-quality materials and offering the best hangers at the best prices to both the retail and wholesale trade.
4) bus hanger traverse without hanger with chain 18x90 l min-208 (hakowa screw with nut traverse hanger bolt and nut traverses without zabezp.
The environment-friendly hanger has a filtered glass chamber located at the top, where the activated charcoal lies and is processed with oxygen to allow it to function as an extremely powerful and effective odor eliminator, the Daily Mail reported.
Each time customers refuse a hanger, the company will contribute cash to children's organisation Unicef, for which Birmingham star Cat is an ambassador, to aid children in Bangladesh.
2 Stretch the hanger wire with two fingers spaced equally distant from the edges of the picture frame, Keep the wire parallel to the top of the frame.
Miller arranged the deal between the seller, American Hanger and Fixture Corp.
We untangled that problem by running a coat hanger between the first and third bolts of the track commander's hatch pad.
Plus, a belt and scarf hanger will stop everything slipping on to the floor.
AN ENTREPRENEUR'S adjustable coat hanger invention is about to hit the mass market.
Cork International started its garment- hanger refurbishment business with Marks & Spencer in 1994.