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Many sailplanes sport ballast tanks capable of holding a few hundred pounds of water, and some hang gliding harnesses feature ballast storage as well.
Both agreed that, though it is more of a soloist's sport, having a buddy present while hang gliding is a plus.
Al-Moa'afa confirmed that the Ministry of Tourism is developing a center in Sana'a that will support the strong demand for adventure tourism by training Yemeni guides in sports such as hang gliding, climbing and scuba diving.
CUTLINE: (1) Ron White is seen hang gliding in an unspecified location in this photo provided by a friend.
Hosting recent paragliding and model aircraft races and the European Hang Gliding Championship, Talas is a favorite destination for air sports.
The victim, who was last night named as Lois Preston, from Warrington, Cheshire, had been hang gliding since the age of 14.
Some of the world's most thrilling adventure tours include Aquatic Adventures by Living the Dream Divers, at Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands, the Heart-Stopping Heights Tour by Hang Gliding Interlaken, in Interlaken, Switzerland, An Enormous Excursion by Patara Elephant Farm, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, A Trip on the Zip by Selvatica Canopy Expedition and Adventure Tour, in Cancun, Mexico, and The Wall Less Travelled by The Great Wall of Jiankou, The Great Wall Hike, in Beijing, China.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The Syrian Hang Gliding Club concluded the fourth stage of their trip to climb the seven highest peaks in the world and plant the Syrian flog atop them.
Even higher-risk summer activities such as SCUBA diving, hang gliding and riding a motorcycle can be enjoyed safely if you're properly trained and apply some common sense.
The event includes hang gliding, parasailing, paragliding, paramotoring, sky diving and rope piloting, in addition to shows performed by Cessna aircraft that will take off from Beirut International Airport.
30pm) A chance to see some of the latest events from across the globe, including ballooning, parachuting, gliding, hang gliding, aerobatics and microliting.
IF you've ever watched the birds soaring effortlessly overhead and longed to join them, then the exciting sport of hang gliding and paragliding is for you.
Mission Soaring Center has been serving the hang gliding community since 1973.
One of them, assistant manager and chief executive Steve Prepost, recently was named the national 2008 Hang Gliding Instructor of the Year.