hang glider

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a rider of a hang glider

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a glider resembling a large kite

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Try a fast-looping roller coaster, a really wet raft ride, performing bugs that wind up attacking you, a simulated hang glider ride and a chance not only to draw your own cartoon strip, but also to do a voice-over for your favorite animated character.
PHOTO (1) Although a construction accident rendered him paraplegic, Dan Buchanan can soar into the skies in his hang glider, putting on a daredevil demonstration Sunday at the Van Nuys Airport Aviation Expo '98.
Keith Quinney, a hang glider, was watching from the ground and thought the wind was too strong to fly, adding: "All these things you do at your own discretion.
After his flight, Putin donated the hang glider, which his spokesman said he had purchased with his own money, to the crane conservation group.
I liked this program," Putin said, adding that he had become interested and bought a motorized hang glider with his own money and will later hand it over to the scientists.
Lois Preston's hang glider rolled to the left as she was being towed by a light aircraft, a report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said today.
A POIGNANT last message from a teenage girl just before she was killed by a hang glider crash was revealed last night.
A GIRL of 16 died in hospital after her hang glider crashed on a training flight, police revealed yesterday.
A 16-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl has died after her hang glider crashed to the ground in a Midland field.
A MAJOR air, land and water search launched after weekend reports a hang glider had crashed into Loch Ness has ended in mystery.
Afterwards, Saada descended from the peak using a hang glider.
He was a Master-rated hang glider pilot (oldest Master rated Pilot in 1984 in the U.
A record-breaking hang glider has died while flying in the US.
The 50-year-old showcased his hang glider, which he flew in the 10th annual Bognor Birdman contest in Bognor Regis on the south coast.