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There are expectations that the January meeting of the Raisin Advisory Committee could result in a price increase which is causing packers to hang back from longer term offers.
The filmmakers hang back and let the interviewees--DePaola, explorer Ann Bancroft, dancer-choreographer Bill T.
But Luke liked to hang back at night, so I considered it my duty to go get the debauchery photos.
Never one to hang back, Lange's strong feelings about the people she photographed helped to bring about social change, like the establishment of emergency migrant camps in California.
At the end of scene 4, she warns her sister Stella, "Don't -- don't hang back with the brutes
If you do not hang back and penetrate at the take-off, you will get into the rock-back position too soon.
Then hang back rows first and work to front so you don't have to push through wet clothes to get to an empty line.
He decided to hang back to get his hands on some of the money Lisa Marie inherits this year.
It's as though Nirvana took a run at the wall of baby-boomer culture and were broken on it; now the group's peers hang back fearfully, un/happy to reproduce the rock values they wanted to replace.
When a situation such as this occurs, it often looks like opportunity to those who are able to read the signals, and gain a position advantage over those who hang back.
A better way to think about it might be that a good leader knows how to pick their spotsCowhen to come on strong and when to hang back.
Kate, wearing daffodils for St David's Day, seemed keen to hang back and observe the more senior royals.