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Residents complained that troublemakers would hang around The Little Shop at Marsden Lane, Marsden.
It has no effect on people of all ages when they just come to the shop but it does affect young people if they hang around for a period of time.
One of the mysteries of life, like why no talents/ low raters like her, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, and Al Franken still hang around.
jp/category/architecture/ but there are so many delights on the home page that you will want to hang around here nibbling tasty morsels of general design stuff.
If scientists kidnap all adult females from a wasp nest, the young males--which normally just hang around without working--will pitch in and feed at least some of the larvae, researchers find.
They dress in Halloween-like costumes, don outrageous makeup, and hang around on Sundays, not doing much besides socializing with their equally outrageously clad peers and occasionally posing for the incredulous tourists or photojournalists.
Why are they allowed to hang around street corners when drinking in public is an offence?
In case you do not have time to hang around Vine Street in Hollywood and view all the neat friends you can have, there is a new up-and-coming ruler to the area.
That's why the Clinton administration's treaties, especially Kyoto, are likely to hang around the Senate indefinitely in wait of the next Democratic president.
in Great Neck, NY, sees challenges ahead for Heid: "Iomega's going to go bankrupt, so if somebody wants to hang around and pick up a big paycheck, they can, but [Iomega is] going to go out; they're not a survivor.
Neither does she hang around taking all kinds of guff for 20 years.
He recalled: "I felt like it was Kenny's art camp, because all these kids from Avenue A would hang around watching me work.