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The first attempts to teach computers to understand handwritten text began in the Soviet Union in the 1960s, when the emergence of personal computers and smartphones was, it seemed, in an uncertain distant future.
Kairos Ventrue Group is the parent company of Write On Results, a marketing firm that specializes in real handwritten mail.
Officials were surprised to discover a personal message, handwritten in ballpoint pen, on the rawhide: ``Shaq is an a .
A statistical study of some differentiating characteristics of the handwritten letters AIT.
Which is why his clinic's parent organization, Promina Health, is spending $40 million to eliminate misreadings and slips that can arise from handwritten prescriptions and chart entries.
home of our nation's most important handwritten documents.
I wrote Handwrite for Cash to solve this problem for folks who want to start a handwritten mail business," explained Hrach.
If I were looking to hire somebody, this is the person I'd want,'' Langer said of Schillo, after studying a handwritten speech the supervisor gave in 1996.
To test firsthand the accuracy of handwriting analysis, the embezzler's handwritten notes were sent to a handwriting analysis firm that knew nothing about the theft.
Stephan Porter, a secured prescription pad which not only employs digital writing but further offers a technology significantly reducing prescription fraud from "washing" or altering physicians handwritten data (quantity, dose, refill, prescribed drug).
The Washington Post, among the many who took the president's challenge, reported Wednesday that it had obtained a copy of the novel's manuscript with handwritten changes and copies of Klein's handwriting.
With the Logitech ioTags feature, the pen improves people's efficiency by allowing them to send portions of their handwritten notes directly into their e-mail and calendar applications by using written shortcuts.
There's something really personal about a handwritten note that a computer just doesn't project,'' lamented Judith A.
People can now use a simple handwritten symbol to indicate portions of their handwritten notes they want to send to a new Word document.
All of this has made some education officials wonder whether, in a world in which handwritten letters are fading and most business is conducted electronically, the next step of evolution is for cursive writing to be phased out in favor of printing - or ``manuscript,'' as it is known - and the keyboard.