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a wheel worked by hand

control consisting of a wheel whose rim serves as the handle by which a part is operated

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In this design, only minimum movement of the handwheel is possible.
Netherlocks' MRL is an interlock for multi rotation handwheel operated valves.
According to the company, the cordless HR 550 FS handwheel lets users turn their attention fully to the machine's workspace.
Availability of countersunk washers for handwheel retention and modifications such as inch and metric bores, keyways, and set screw holes.
2 cc/revolution with the help of an integral display in the handwheel.
3] using a manual adjustment with an integrated display in the handwheel.
The 15" diameter handwheel can be turned almost effortlessly, and with relatively few revolutions the Mini is pulled up the vertical wall.
The dual-deckle system is available with a motorized drive or a manual one operated by means of a handwheel.
The unit's handwheel cover rotates 360 degrees, which enables multidirectional operation.
Newer tanks will have a three-point handwheel while the older, non-complying tanks have five-point handwheels.
During changeovers, an operator uses a handwheel adjustment of the forming box to make changes for wrapping various product shapes and sizes.
Finer elevation adjustments can be made dialing up (clockwise) or down with the large spoked handwheel, locked in place with the other T-handle.
It also requires the replacement of certain nose landing gear handwheel controllers and certain placards with new ones, the installation of steering angle recording software and corrective action for exceeding certain steering angles.
When operating a small valve handwheel, clockwise and counterclockwise hand torque exertions are employed to open and close the valve.
By turning a handwheel, a series of gears tilt this ladle.