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Synonyms for handstitched

sewn by hand rather than machine


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For instance, every one of our products is entirely handstitched, meaning that as a product gets older a worn or snagged stitch doesn't mean an entire seam will fail like machine stitching, and we design all of our work so it can be maintained and repaired."
Caption: Loloi: Loloi's Dorado collection from India features an intriguing combination of handstitched authentic cowhide and handwoven viscose for a bold look.
Steele: "The detailing of this looks handdrawn, but it's actually handstitched in this delicate tracery.
Markhor's business links the old Pakistan with the new in the glossy handstitched shoes made in their local vil lage.
The painstakingly handstitched photo displays by 21-year-old Amy Sellers are now decorating five front windows of the Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge store, after it was spotted by eagle-eyed scouts at the New Designers show in London.
They travel in their best suits, handstitched dresses, warm fur coats, and handcrafted designer bags.
This hotel suite can offer customised sleep experience that features Savoir beds, which are handstitched, and other luxurious linens.
BEDWOOD She also makes leather handstitched notepad and iPad covers which I think will go down well in the corporate sector," Jess says.
The abaya features more than 200,000 painstakingly handstitched threads in 14 carat white gold and is embellished with an intricate flower pattern.
"Either she died, or said 'I can't do any more' or it was the ball and she needed the dress," she says fondly of a black evening frock with masses of tiny handstitched glass pearls across the front but with far fewer on the back.
Handstitched in sheer black with a fringe skirt and sequinned and beaded adornments in silver, it shimmers and moves with a flick of the hip.Available to purchase with a variety of fabric slips to layer underneath the beading and create a contrast of colours, the Tango Black Dress, which costs pounds 225, can be customised for any occasion.
It shows signs of well-made as well: the undercollar is understiched at collar seam and handstitched at neckline and the expertly-applied satin tag reads: Daniel's Department Store Inc.
"These are very durabled traditionally-made, handstitched flags using cotton-polyester material.
A sale of items handstitched by the men and women prisoners also took place.