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grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

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Do you know that there is a so-called "limp fish" or "dead fish" handshake described as a "too weak a handshake" in contrast to the handshake of the Knuckle Cruncher.
The handshake is also credited with cushioning the ongoing war on corruption from political interference.
"The second handshake is meant to bring unity and economic stability and fight corruption which is like a cancer eating our country," said Ms Kiboi.
The committee recommended golden handshake for the remaining employees on 4:1 formula or four salaries per year multiplied by the numbers of years served in the authority.
James' comparison of Middleton and Markle's handshakes came on the heels of reports that the two female (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7927914/prince-william-harry-feud-relationship-meghan-markle-kate-middleton/) royals are feuding with each other.
Twitter user and journalist Richard Hall floated the idea that the handshake was "arranged beforehand":
Washing hands after every contact has been known to contain handshake transmitted infections.
Handshake Homebuyers was founded as an easy and stress-free solution to selling homes quickly.
A poorly executed handshake, or worse, none at all, can erode trust or convey a lack of ability on your part.
President Donald Trump, center, reacts as he does the 'ASEAN-way handshake' with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang, left, and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on stage during the opening ceremony at the ASEAN Summit at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Monday, Nov.
Within the framework of the EU handshake, the Government has undertaken to strengthen its dialogue procedures with civil society, social partners and other actors on issues decided at EU level, offer training to elected representatives and those employed in municipalities and county councils, and carry out educational measures in schools.
PAUL Hollywood has defended his right to congratulate Bake Off contestants after viewers complained he dished out his coveted handshakes "like an over-eager salesman".
Aderant said the acquisition is promising for Handshake's future as Aderant's resources will help build and accelerate product development, as well as expand the support and services capabilities to build on existing relationships with clients and partners.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 14, 2017-Aderant Acquires Handshake Software to Expand Product Suite
Here are her 10 steps for the perfect handshake: look the other person straight in the eye, and do not break eye contact; smile; introduce yourself before extending your hand; extend your right hand toward the other person's right hand; point your thumb upward and toward the other person's arm; slide your hand all the way into the other person's palm, and wrap it around his or her hand; grasp the other person's hand firmly, and gently squeeze once; pump the other person's hand a time or two to show sincerity; continue with pleasantries once you have begun the handshake; hold the handshake for two to three seconds and then break the grip.