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something bestowed freely

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Handsel of the 678th ARSS to author by e-mail dated Mar.
This temple of war and of peace is the shrine; Where this idol of state sits adorned and accursed: And to handsel his altar and nostrils divine, Great Buckingham's sacrifice must be the first.
Lesslie Newbigin, Mission and the Crisis of Western Culture (London: Handsel Press, 1989), pp.
Peter Stephan Jungk; David Dollenmayer translato; CROSSING THE HUDSON; Handsel Books $0.
Handsel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Three Feathers] MP-SP
The Eighth Wonder of the World, Handsel Books, 2006.
Previously, companies dealing with the government were required to provide extensive cost data to justify prices," said Roy Handsel, a project manager with the JDAM Squadron.
Wilkinson, Health and Healing, Edinburgh, The Handsel Press, 1980, p.
Arthur Stephenson's eight-year-old ensures no fairytale ending for 15-year-old runner-up Handsel (Mr J Whittall).