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not involving participation or intervention

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2013): (i) hands-off--the time between the starting signal and the instant the swimmers' hands left the handgrips; (ii) take-off--from the hands-off until the swimmers' feet left the wall; (iii) flight--from the take-off until the swimmers' fingertip water contacts; and (iv) entry--from the final instant of the flight until the swimmers' toe immersion.
Notably, though, in some cases, aspects of the majority's hands-off approach have faced objections leveled by a number of Justices in concurring and dissenting opinions.
Interestingly, the revived Neutral Recovery Controls method as well as Hands-Off made headlines based on empirical observations in high performance aerobatic airplanes.
Researchers grouped 156 patients with a life-threatening heart-rhythm condition called ventricular fibrillation according to their initial chances of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and calculated the probability of successful defibrillation at 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds into each of the hands-off intervals.
The MFI 2100 measures per ASTM D-1238 for plastics, and it can have automatic loading, automatic sample cut-off and automatic hands-off operation.
Husky Injection Molding Systems, in conjunction with Demag Material Handling, can now offer a unique "smart crane," system that promises to make mold changes a real hands-off proposition.
Pearson said the program isn't successful at everything, but through the hands-off management approach, "we make mistakes and improve.
We are impressed with its ease of configuration and hands-off operation.
In fact, many hands-on managers have a hands-off attitude, which makes for an ideal, independent working environment.
So, however much I may want to win, I've adopted a hands-off approach.
The new team, Groveman said, signals a departure from the council's infrequent contact with Stone and hands-off approach.
Encompassing isolation systems, work-in-process materials management, substrate-handling robotics, automated transport and loading systems, and connectivity automation software, Asyst's modular, interoperable solutions allow chip and FPD manufacturers, as well as original equipment manufacturers, to select and employ the value-assured, hands-off manufacturing capabilities that best suit their needs.
Although the federal government has taken a hands-off policy to the Internet, state and local government may not necessarily follow suit.
At all other times, productivity should be measured in terms of hands-off maintenance.