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a support for the hand

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Because of its integrated software and mechanized control systems, the Active Handrest can extend that precision work area to nearly the size of a sheet of paper.
The Active Handrest was developed by William Provancher, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Utah, and his colleagues from an idea associated with Leonardo Da Vinci, who was both an engineer and an artist.
William Provancher, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering said: "We've invented a new device - the Active Handrest - that's useful for aiding people in performing precision tasks with their hands such as surgery, painting, electronics repair or other tasks that require precise control of the fingertips.
A person using the handrest places their wrist on a support that can slide horizontally in any direction.
The Active Handrest allows a person to keep their hand steady while it senses the position of a hand-grasped tool or the force exerted by the hand or both.
The existing prototype of the Active Handrest lets a user move their hand precisely within a workspace of about 10 by 10 inches, re-centering the hand as the arm moves to reach a larger area.
Using the Active Handrest also means "less fatigue, and if you have fatigue, you are going to have tremor associated with that," meaning less precision.
The ideas for the Active Handrest struck Provancher while watching a television show about Leonardo da Vinci.
Tenders are invited for Executive Revolving Chair With Cushioned Seat And Hi-Back With Handrest With Five Legged Base On Caster Wheels And Height Adjust With Gaslift To Alankar Model No.
Tenders are invited for Three Seated Sofa Provided With Cushion-Soft Foam Thickness Minimum - 4 Inch For Seat For Back - 3 Inch And For Handrest - 2 Inch - Size - 69 Inch X 35 Inch X 34 Inch
Tenders are invited for Plastic Moulded Chairs With Handrest.
In terms of utilities, the Tata Nexon comes with a host of storage spaces that include umbrella stowage slots, a massive glove box that comes with a unique tablet tray with card and pen holders, coin and key slots on door handrests, and even a sliding storage box opening akin to what you'd see in Jaguars, a company which Tata owns.
Two carfuls of tourists passed slowly, their women sitting fore, gripping the handrests.
Appropriate and safe use of adaptive devices such as an overhead trapeze, handrests, canes, walkers, tub, shower and toilet handrails, or raised toilet set can greatly improve functional independence and quality of life.