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(American football) a play in which one player hands the ball to a teammate

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Handoffs occur at all changes of shift and whenever a patient changes location in a hospital.
Following initial use between nurses and physicians, the SBAR template also has been used to guide handoffs in the nurse-to-nurse shift change report and interprofessional patient reviews (Raiten et al.
When scores of alternative networks are very close unnecessary handoffs are avoided which avoids waste of network resources.
Overall, nephrology nurses in all practice settings reported that successful patient handoffs were not always timely, and safety was being compromised.
In this paper proposed an efficient handoff mechanism for heterogeneous network selection of the best available wireless network during handoffs based on a set of predefined user preferences on a mobile device decision function in which the system considers all the available network and user parameters (e.
AHP-VIKOR Model for Spectrum Handoff in Cognitive Radio Networks
The transfer of information continues to be the focus in shift handoffs even at the patient's bedside.
Given the increasing frequency of handoffs in hospitals following resident work-hour reductions and the high frequency with which miscommunications lead to serious medical errors," widespread use of such handoff interventions could have a substantial impact on patient health, they noted.
A thorough review of the current literature was conducted to identify existing evidence addressing handoffs in care.
According to a study by Singh et al, residents are at particular risk for involvement in medical errors secondary to substandard handoffs because of their relative inexperience, chronic fatigue, lack of supervision, the inherent complexity of large academic centers, and the severity of illness in the patients they treat.
Regarding getting handoffs from other sectors, my experience has been the same.
This is done by applying ND (Neighbor Discovery) protocol [4] in MAG (Mobile Access Gateway) at prior handoff and by supporting the advantages of FPMIPv6 (Fast Handoffs for PMIPv6).
Due to the different data rates in the access technologies, some services may be terminated during vertical handoffs between access technologies.
In wireless mobile networks, as the cell size becomes smaller, handoffs become more frequent.