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Synonyms for handmaid

in a subordinate position

a personal maid or female attendant

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Then, going upstairs with her handmaids into her room, she mourned her dear husband till Minerva shed sweet sleep over her eyes.
Climbing up another perpendicular flight, composed with great mechanical ingenuity of nothing but corner stairs, Mr Ralph Nickleby stopped to take breath on the landing, when he was overtaken by the handmaid, whom the politeness of Miss La Creevy had dispatched to announce him, and who had apparently been making a variety of unsuccessful attempts, since their last interview, to wipe her dirty face clean, upon an apron much dirtier.
It was upon the second morning after this happy bridal, that the Lady Rowena was made acquainted by her handmaid Elgitha, that a damsel desired admission to her presence, and solicited that their parley might be without witness.
Its costume designer, Ane Crabtree, speaks as esoterically as any fashion week designer about her inspirations: the deep red of the handmaids and the teal of the commanders' wives were based on a photograph of a maple leaf against a blue sky; the moss green worn by the other housemaids was inspired by "an old mop" .
Drama Series: "The Crown," "Game of Thrones," "The Handmaids Tale," "Stranger Things," and "This Is Us.
All the characters who aren't "commanders" or their wives are militia, servants or handmaids.
A successful TV adaptation hit our screens a few months ago and now Alias Grace, written a decade after Handmaids, is about to debut as a six-part series (a third Atwood adaptation, Wandering Wenda, has also been made, but has no release date in the UK yet).
Women's rights activists clad in the distinctive white bonnets and red gowns worn by handmaids in the fictional theocratic state of Gilead have taken part in recent protests in several US state capitals.
When the handmaids speak out or challenge the status quo, they are told "blessed are the meek" (the remainder of that verse, "for they shall inherit the earth," is, of course, conveniently omitted).
Only women who have proven to be fertile are trained as Handmaids.
On the final day of the National Right to Life Convention, the handmaids arrived.
All fertile women are captured and sent to the Red Centre where the Handmaids are 'trained' before being placed with an infertile couple.