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Synonyms for handling

Synonyms for handling

manual (or mechanical) carrying or moving or delivering or working with something

the action of touching with the hands (or the skillful use of the hands) or by the use of mechanical means

the management of someone or something

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Centrifugal or continuous-type bucket elevators with buckets on belt or chain for gentle handling of pellets to handling abrasive hot materials.
Grabs, or thumbs, round out the arsenal of material handling attachments most commonly used by C&D recyclers and demolition contractors.
Veterinarians and others who work with producers need a strong knowledge base on handling and welfare issues so they can advise clients responsibly," she says.
These systems of high-order approximations generally do a great job of reproducing the handling qualities of the perfect aircraft; however, they result in a system that potentially is unpredictable to the operator and they introduce unpredictable response in the overall aircraft system (National Research Council, 1997).
We start backwards from the material you're handling and its density," says Doyle Long, senior work tool manager for Caterpillar Inc.
One of the keys to the mold handling system is its ability during indexing to promote gentle mold movement without mold shift through the use of hydraulic shock absorbers and ultra high density polyurethane.
Assuming that the quality of the media, handling, drive maintenance and environmental conditions are all within specification, the most significant parameter that contributes to media lifetime is how much the media has been used, or its "durability.
It's only a matter of time before HIPAA guidelines trickle down and are required for all firms handling confidential private data.
Improper handling of hazardous chemicals, failure to report a spill, or improper disposal of chemical waste may result in fines for a company.
Newly developed technology provides for stand alone equipment designs that specialize in the handling and packaging of special materials such as strip stock.
Earlier this year, Leffler finished his materials handling career as president and CEO of the Material Handling Industry trade association.
NASDAQ: OMTL), a leading provider of document handling products and services, today released an optional package for its AccuRoute([R]) product line that gives legal customers the tightest integration possible with document management systems.
Robot cells and systems for forming, finishing, assembly, and coating processes, specializing in robotic systems for injection molding machines; deburring and cutting of parts; adhesive dispensing and component assembly; and spray coating, as well as parts handling, routing and palletizing.
Recyclers of paper, metals and curbside materials rely on forklifts and compact skid-steer loaders to carry the mobile material handling load.
Host processors, of course, are continually improving their handling of large video, music, and picture files.