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Synonyms for handless

without a hand or hands


lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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The act of making the speechless, the faceless and the handless a subject in and of itself worthy of moral consideration is an issue that has been explored by posthumanists and animal rightists or welfarists.
The headless and handless torsowas found on May 27by a cleaner in theAl Warqa suburb.
But, being briefly handless opened my face to invasions from all directions, including above.
Despite its enormous size, the car handless effortlessly and the long wheelbase and wide tracks ensure the suspension makes for a smooth ride even on clobbered roads.
Matthews; "Beyond Echo and Cassandra: Finding the Voice of Inner Authority," by Kaitryn Sheehan Wertz; "Artemis and Bear Mothers: Fiercely Protective, Indomitable Women," by Jean Shinoda Bolen; "Guanyin and 'The Handless Maiden': A Feminine Path of Awakening," by Deborah Bowman; "'Love and Be Silent': Literary Reflections," by Josephine Evetts-Secker; "Writing for the Watcher: How Anne Frank Wrote the Most Famous Diary Ever Published," by Jim Kline; "'Clearing,'" by Robin van Loben Sels.
The commission blessed a bill on amending the law for the handicapped and referred it to the commission that handless issues concerning citizens of special needs.
At the top, in a small bare room, is a work by Robert Gober--a handless arm in plaster and gesso extending from the wall--that introduces a sudden note of gravity to the fanciful name.
A week-long tropical storm floods the depressed city bringing more devastation as well as a new misery: The headless, handless body of a young woman in the Old Iron Bog.
For instance, the gaze of the speaker of "Gauley Bridge" falls upon a scene of poverty and racial inequity: "Camera at the crossing sees the city / a street of wooden walls and empty windows, / the doors shut handless in the empty street, / and the deserted Negro standing on the corner.
When a headless and handless torso washed up on a beach in Kent is identified as an influential banker, MI5 agent Kate Pendragon is sent to investigate.
District JudgeKatherine Forrestin Manhattan imposed the sentence on the one-eyed, handless Abu Hamza, whom jurors had found guilty of providing a satellite phone and advice to Yemeni militants who kidnapped Western tourists in 1998, leading to the deaths of four hostages.
At Treblinka, a tank engine was pragmatically repurposed to pump a colorless, odorless gas--carbon monoxide--into the brick murder rooms where the trapped waited, unaware that a handless strangler would soon dive down their throats and invade their cells.
With a friendly and knowledgeable host, and a numberless and handless clock displaying only "Pembrokeshire time", it lends itself perfectly to a cosy and mellow Sunday afternoon watching the world (or the thrillseekers) go by while sampling a cheeky ale or two.