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one who trains or exhibits animals

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an agent who handles something or someone

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The handler, with the dog at heel or hup, must key into the dog's awareness of the helper and the target.
"We anticipate WWE management could look to further monetize the NXT brand with international TV deals either through pay-TV or free to air networks," Handler wrote in a note.
The 990K Aggregate Handler complements the smaller 986K and 988K Aggregate Handlers in the Cat large wheel loader line.
Unfortunately, unlike firearms officers who can simply pick up a firearm and begin working, a police dog handler is reliant on finding the right dog and getting them trained to the required standard.
Handlers explained to me that their job is highly time sensitive, and funding restrictions have meant there's an onus on them to get to the scene as quickly as possible -- no matter what end of the county their previous job was at.
In another similar incident last month, a passenger filmed the moment her luggage was damaged as baggage handlers hurled suitcases on to a trailer at Manchester Airport.
Previously, Handler has served as an elected member of the board of directors of The Association of Graduates (USMA), president of The West Point Society of New York, as well as a member of the board of governors at The Union League Club of New York.
Scott Galin, along with Richard Farley and Darell Handler, represented ownership in the new transaction.
Several studies have posed strong emphasis for educational programs as a way to improve knowledge and control foodbornediseases7,8 pointed out that food handlers need training and education as a result of their low level of knowledge on microbiological food hazards, temperature control of refrigerators, cross contamination, and personal hygiene9.
"A healthy dog will respond to the handler and you can quickly see if a real bond exists between the two.
Our research variable was positive knowledge and practice, having attributes of hygiene of hands, personal attire, health of food handler and habits of respondents.
The chiller has been integrated with MCT's SH-5000 strip-test handler, which is widely used for testing of both leaded and leadless semiconductor packages.
The term "food handler" means "person who in the course of the normal routine work come into contact with uncovered food not intended for personal use." [1] Food handlers play a major role in the transmission of food-borne diseases, which are a major public health problem across the globe.
As a patrol dog, MWD Pitt provided the capability to help apprehend a fleeing person, perform handler defense, increase security for restricted areas, and protect government property.