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an appendage to hold onto

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Always maintain three points of contact with aircraft at all times, but be aware that touching a hot or cold-soaked handhold with unprotected skin can cause injuries, too
We have put in place an enhanced service delivery model which will handhold customers through various stages in their search for property and will provide builders with qualified prospects.
Material: 30-gauge PVC with Sharkglide surface Ergonomics: Handholds are comfortable, but there is a seam that joins the middle well section to the outer that felt sharp and chafed riders.
Also trace around the quarter to mark the ends of the handholds.
Another 10 people were taken off the Chain Walk - paths cut into the cl i f fs with chains for handholds - by lifeboat after being warned by coastguards they had the w r ong s ho e s a nd clothing for heavy rain.
It will continue to install half doors and additional passenger handholds to keep passenger arms and legs inside the vehicle during a rollover and to reduce injuries, according to the commission.
On the back end of the carapace on either side of the tail are your handholds.
Yet people scurried up and over, finding handholds where there appeared to be none, gripping the smallest crevices with their toes.
2 x D27cm), but two side handholds made carrying easy, while castors allowed it to be pushed.
But in this case it is a woman, the remarkable Joan Churchill, best known for her collaborations with Nick Broomfield (another undervalued British maverick), who handholds the 16-mm camera throughout, following the improvised action and dialogue of the nonprofessional actors Watkins chose because their political beliefs for the most part corresponded to those of the "characters" they were assigned and because, in some cases, they resembled iconic figures like Bobby Seale, Joan Baez, and the infamous judge Julius Hoffman of the Chicago Seven trial.
As in Deuteronomy the Hebrew child was taught to think of the Call to Abraham or the Exodus not just as the story of the Patriarch's time but as his own story, LaRue sees in Black preaching an awareness by preacher and among listeners that the same themes passed down through Scripture are ready handholds to experience God's grace in our day.
Several operator station features include 360-degree visibility; wet-disk brakes that apply automatically anytime the seat belt is unfastened, the operator leaves the seat, cab door is opened, engine is shut down or brake switch is engaged; and lower steps and four handholds that provide easier entry and exit.
Following the handholds of so many kids that grew up nearby, I hoisted myself up among its forest of 17 major limbs, each 1-3 feet in diameter, which join into a massive trunk 7 1/2 feet thick.