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She added that the team was curious if motor characteristics such as handedness determine the "lateralisation of the embrace".
According to a survey, passengers lodged a lot of complaints that the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are suffering from the worst system of public transport while the high handedness of the drivers are at the peak.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of presence or absence of PL and its relation with sex and handedness in Turkish population.
Unsurprisingly, the role played by handedness in mathematics has long been a matter of interest.
Handedness is primarily because of dominance of specific cerebral hemisphere although peripheral factors may also be involved.
McGuire and colleagues went looking for chiral molecules in space to see whether some interstellar intervention could preferentially seed a solar system with one handedness.
Hand preference as a heritable trait is a widely accepted explanation with a current conclusion that handedness is polygenic [21,22]; heritability estimates range from 0.
A hormonal cause during embryonic development "Presumably, the relative darkness during the period November to January is not directly connected to this birth seasonality of handedness.
The genetic epistemology puts forward the idea that inheritance leads to handedness and consequently brain hemispheric specialization (Annett, 1998; Smythe & Annett 2006).
Global Banking News-February 6, 2013--EC warns national regulators against heavy handedness with other banks(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
A recent study titled "No disadvantage for left-handed musicians: The relationship between handedness, perceived constraints and performance-related skills in string players and pianists" (1) was conducted at the Hanover University of Music in Germany.
The researchers used data from competitive sports--where lefties appear more frequently than among the general population--to show that cultural behavior is related to handedness.
The factors that influence handedness have been studied for years, (3) although there is still no clear understanding of all the determinants.
In Nigeria, people are inclined to view left- handedness as worst as a sign of evil or at best an expectantly curable adversity.
Another aspect of handedness in tennis postulate the idea that 90% of the time left handers have to play against right handers and 10% of the time right handers have to play against left handers.