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And after dramatically increasing his capital, he bought handcarts which he uses as street stalls to sell sandwiches.
Employees simply lower the dock lift platform to ground level with a pushbutton control, load it with boxes and bins, raise it to meet the dock opening, then offload the items with a handcart.
A police source had said earlier that at least one civilian was killed and four others were wounded in a handcart bomb explosion in central Mosul on Wednesday.
He tells 12, among them the Mormon handcart disaster of 1856, the Castle Gate robbery and the fate of Butch Cassidy, the legend of the Josephine de Martinique, the ghosts of Heritage Park, Bigfoot, and UFOs and aliens.
With a sewing machine perched on a handcart, Satyanarayan, the tailor, reaches out to his customers, as he believes it saves them all the headache of waiting for days to get even little tailoring work done at tailor shops.
The men were bold enough to have brought "a large handcart with them to carry items from the ship.
Work Title: Sweetwater Rescue: The Willie and Martin Handcart Story
A handcart behind the truck held about 40 pounds of copper wire stripped from the mine's electrical system.
At least four people were injured when a bomb placed in a handcart exploded Tuesday in the center of Afghanistan's capital, near the presidential palace, an Interior Ministry spokesman said.
The bag attaches to a two-wheeled handcart and is equipped with quick release snaps, reducing time and effort removing and replacing the bag.
The prosecutor left the handcart in the yard of the Black Horse Inn, Northfield, on October 16.
SANTIAM WAGON ROAD - It was a bear of a hill to get a handcart over, a hard slog on sandy soil with 20 teens hauling on ropes attached to the ungainly vehicle, and pulling with all their might.
She and her father, as converts to the Mormon church from Wales, seek Zion in a handcart company, a group too poor for a wagon and livestock.
Marathon has also developed a handcart to go with the balers that will enable employees to move the bales out of the store to a designated pickup area.
Meshack Mwendwa Muthamia was driving home an air hostess and a steward from Eastleigh Section III in the company-owned Peugeot 504 when gangsters reportedly pushed a handcart onto the road blocking the car's passage.