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providing only bare essentials

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Kavanagh adds that while Hershey has been successful with this usage occasion over the past few years, most candy companies are placing bets on hand-to-mouth with their biggest brands.
Theoretically, we show that wealthy hand-to-mouth behavior can occur when households face a trade-off between the long-run gain from investing in illiquid assets (assets that require the payment of a transaction cost for making unplanned deposits or withdrawals) and the short-run cost of having fewer liquid assets available to smooth consumption.
I suggest that your policy use the wording of NCCLS (now CLSI) Guideline GP17-A, which says, "Food, drink and like substances that provide potential hand-to-mouth contact are also prohibited in technical work areas." You could also quote paragraph (d)(2)(ix) of Bloodborne Pathogens rule 29CFR1910.1030, which says, "Eating, drinking, smoking, applying cosmetics or lip balm, and handling contact lenses are prohibited in work areas where there is a reasonable likelihood of occupational exposure." Both of these clarify the intent of the rule.
Hand-to-mouth transfer of microbes was documented after contaminated fomites were handled during casual activities, with the highest transfer efficiency noted with stationary phone receivers (10).
``We are running on a threadbare, hand-to-mouth existence, and if the plight of these people in Darfur is as important to the international community as it seems to be then we would have expected more long-term support, '' said Dr David Nabarro, head of WHO's crisis operations.
The mouse metaphor and its attendant references to gentrification (the press release linked the mouse's survival strategies to the ways in which "prosperity and development have made things harder for Williamsburg's hand-to-mouth residents") were also more distracting than illuminating.
Imagine this: you have been making a film for three years hand-to-mouth, believing that God wants you to make it and that God will help you do so against all odds.
On average, kids exhibiting extensive hand-to-mouth behaviors who live in warm environments face a 2.5 in 100,000 cancer risk--or more than 10 times the risk that triggers EPA concern.
Strictly take-out and meant to be eaten on the run, at a picnic or back home around the kitchen table, pasties are a great addition to Sarasota's hand-to-mouth cuisine.
While life in Russia has begun to improve under President Vladimir Putin, inflation and high unemployment rates mean that many Russians still live hand-to-mouth. Our World History play about the Russian Revolution shows another momentous time in the nation's history when the fall of the Romanov dynasty laid the groundwork for Communism and the creation of the Soviet Union (see p.
slip back to a time when most people lived hand-to-mouth and the country was controlled by a tiny, wealthy minority?
Not all "mountain bums" live a hand-to-mouth existence between expeditions.
CPSC's briefing document claims that hand-to-mouth behavior is the source of childhood exposure.
"Gary's persistence and interest in consumer interaction landed him in the hand-to-mouth career of field sales, a choice I think he is truly excited about," Bryant said.
The report recommends employers ensure adequate ventilation, humidity and temperature controls; minimal hand-to-mouth and hand-to-eye contact; and periodic cleansing of hands.