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(American football) a play in which one player hands the ball to a teammate

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But the main problem was the lack of a hand-off because it's one of the main strengths of my game and in a position like centre it's vital.
Several studies have attempted to reduce Layer-2 and Layer-3 hand-off latency in WLANs.
A major part of the information presently comes from Vodafone hand-off data, but Temmink believes the fraction will shift as GPS devices become more prevalent.
The dribbler who ultimately received the hand-off to begin the "attack" part of the offense and is going to center the ball up should be called the " hot dribbler.
The JCAHO goal calls for a standardized approach to hand-off communication that in particular allows for the opportunity to ask and answer questions (JCAHO, 2006).
Soft hand-off, implemented using ATM technology, can help avoid the glitches.
We see tremendous synergies between the OptiVox and VoiceCare hand-off applications and the Vocera communications solutions," says Guille Cruze, CEO of Clinical Health Communications, the makers of OptiVox solutions.
Notre Dame had two first half fumbles - the first when Fargas took his eyes off the hand-off from quarterback Jorge Piedra, the second caused by a blitzing linebacker.
PatientKeeper Sign-Out improves communication between physicians at the transition of care to streamline patient hand-off and sign-out and to simplify discharge planning, and provides a standard process as specified by requirement 2E of the Joint Commission 2008 National Patient Safety Goals.
The dive called for the halfback to read the OT's block after the hand-off by the QB.
Leading Taiwanese Design Services Company Adopts Product for Testability Hand-off
When the Super Bowl MVP prepares to wave the green flag for the 91st running of the Indianapolis 500 on May 27, he'll receive the hand-off from two Ohio students who made a lifesaving play as part of the AAA School Safety Patrol[TM] program.
Get ball to TB on third step and "ole" hand-off with left hand.
The fullback now dives for the center's right foot at full speed and either receives the hand-off or sprints upfield to take the LB.