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a hand-operated lever that controls the throttle valve

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He said it was also possible that the 22-year-old, of Honeysuckle Lane, Colwyn Bay, could have been using both the tractor's foot and hand throttles.
It was the same way with the hand throttle, foot throttle and clutch lever," Alan says, "all using flat bar and round steel rods twisted, bent into shape and welded together.
But--except for the handlebars, hand-operated clutch, foot pegs, foot-operated shifter, hand throttle, and sport-touring bike ergonomics--that's where the motorcycle analogy ends.
The gear selector lever and hand throttle control lever knobs on some Paladins and ammo carriers are nearly identical.
PC Jeffrey Gallon, who investigated the accident, said the vehicle was so powerful if in gear it could have easily overpowered the hand brake with use of the hand throttle.
Shifting the engine into forward gear, we idled our way through the water as I showed him how to use the hand throttle.
A second switch permits engine speeds to be adjusted in increments of 10 rpm independent of hand throttle position.
50-8 2 ply front tires, 26 x 12-12 2ply soft track rear tires hydraulic lift system power take off with multiple disc clutch hour meter, fuel gauge, oil pressure and alternator indicator lights hand throttle and choke footpedal for forward/reverse speed key operated ignition switch seat switch, PTO switch and neutral switch 6 gallon fuel tank (minimum) ground speed forward 8.
In nearly all cases, the governor is driven by the timing gear or by a drive coming off the magneto or distributor drive shaft and interconnected with the hand throttle linkage and the carburetor throttle plate.
You pull out the choke, set the hand throttle on the steering wheel and then retard the ignition.
The hand throttle may be increased about 1/8 travel to help start the vehicle once 500 rpm is reached.
But it had one feature that no other tractor I ever drove had: a foot throttle, in addition to the regular hand throttle.
The launcher's driver L-Bmdr Benjamin Rook had revved up the vehicle's engine with the hand throttle ( when it was stationary but in gear ( causing it to lurch forward and hit L-Bmdr Wilson.
Don't go past a hand throttle position half-way from the bottom.