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luggage that is light enough to be carried by hand

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Passengers must present all baggage for registration, including hand luggage and additional items carried at no extra charge in excess of the free baggage and hand-luggage allowance.
If carrying gifts in hand luggage, we would ask passengers not to wrap them until they have reached their destination as our security procedures may require that they be searched.
She had it in her hand luggage when she went to the airport on Sunday.
More unusual items that are not allowed in hand luggage include cranberry sauce, brandy butter and snow globes - all of which must be checked into the hold.
If in doubt, check with your airline first and put it in your suitcase for the hold, rather than your hand luggage.
On-duty officers opened the hand luggage in his presence and found a Colt Automatic Caliber45 as well as a packet of pellets.
And you're blocking the aisle to get your hand luggage.
Liquids: | You are advised to pack liquids in your suitcase, but if you must take them in your hand luggage each container must be no more than 100ml.
During the screening of personal bags, the 49-year-old resident of Almaty was asked what was in his hand luggage.
The police examined all the bags of passengers and found some watches in a hand luggage belonging to the 38--year--old Chinese national identified as H.
An Arab expat is being investigated for possible money-laundering after he was found to be in possession of $60,000 in his hand luggage upon arrival from Dammam at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.
However, he clarifies, this does not apply to hand luggage, which companies are obliged to carry for free.
A TARTAN Army footsoldier was forced to remove his sporran before a flight - because airline staff said it counted as hand luggage.
He said: "Even I couldn't work out whether I was allowed to carry hand luggage, so goodness knows what an ordinary consumer goes through.