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passed on, as by inheritance

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Summary: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon announced Friday that it will hand down a judgment in the case against Al-Akhbar Editor-in-Chief Ibrahim al-Amin in two weeks.
I suggest they start by taking politics and political correctness out of the frame, then just get on with the job of enforcing the law on carrying knives and, while they're at it, hand down the most severe mandatory sentences in all cases of persons illegally found carrying knives and at least life imprisonment for wounding when using a knife.
TORY MP Nigel Evans put his hand down a Westminster worker's trousers in a pub, a court heard yesterday.
But a panel of judges said Tuesday the decision to hand down Lindsay June Sandiford, who was arrested last May carrying what officials said was cocaine worth an estimated $2.
AMBULANCE chiefs in the West Midlands have called on the courts to hand down tougher sentences for thugs who attack paramedics as they try to work.
A Bahrain court has adjourned the case of an 11-year-old boy accused of taking part in protests against the government and says it will hand down a verdict on July 5.
The defendant was also said to have put his hand down the girl's jeans on the same occasion.
Therefore we are left with no choice but to hand down the maximum sentences" he added.