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Synonyms for handbreadth

any unit of length based on the breadth of the human hand

References in classic literature ?
Zarathustra steps on him unawares, and the slave of science, bleeding from the violence he has done to himself by his self-imposed task, speaks proudly of his little sphere of knowledge--his little hand's breadth of ground on Zarathustra's territory, philosophy.
"The Cormons end as they began; there's only a hand's breadth between a steward and a purveyor."
Perhaps a compromise is one of those cots with a drop side so that the baby sleeps on their own, can smell the closeness of mum and is only a hand's breadth away from her.
If it falls within a hand's breadth it is "spangey ones, or wonzzers".
You should see about a hand's breadth of daylight in front of a walking deer's shoulder at that range.
It is to grasp or to measure a hand's breadth, this hand - mine as I write - dares its contradictions, comes to rest, tenses, shakes, seizes or is seized by the mind: