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and none are played too broad; even the hammiest role, stage director Christopher Belling, is played with assured control by Hibbert.
MAYBE I missed it in the massive media coverage of Mr Blair's Labour Conference speech, but I failed to find any comment on his grotesque personal performance, acting reminiscent of the hammiest stars of pre-war melodrama.
It's cheap, cheesy, utterly unoriginal and boasts the hammiest performance from a leading man this side of Eric Bana's Hulk.
Despite a cast including Ronnie Corbett, Samantha Janus and Sian Phillips, it was like watching the hammiest amateur church performance.
begs President Jack in his finest, hammiest moment.
The marvellous comedy cast included Eleanor Bron, Pat Coombs, Frankie Howerd, Spike Milligan and Vincent Price at his hammiest best.
Goading, by contrast, is grating, although he keeps a lid on his worst, hammiest instincts until the mid-point, when he starts pouring on the cutes.
Did Martin Luther King die just so we could get the chance to see Halle Berry ham it up like the hammiest pantomime dame?
Mick Johnson, the hammiest creature to work in a fast-food outlet since Red Rum opened a Pizza Hut in 1986, going berserk over Tinhead's destruction of his premises.
Here, we present the Daily Record gongs for the hammiest, most over-the-top or pretentious celebrities.