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an athletic competition in which a heavy metal ball that is attached to a flexible wire is hurled as far as possible

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Significant Difference between the experimental group and control group in Standing Long Jump Test, Softball throw test, Hand Grip Strength (lift-right), Static strength test (LS) (BS) and Performance level of Hammer throw for posttest to the experimental group.
In hammer throw, Oman's Doha Al Sennawi from Al Khaboor Club won the gold, followed by Kuwaiti Mariam Al Enazi for silver, and Bahraini Amina Sultan Al Mubarak from Busaiteen Club who claimed the bronze.
The hammer throw will take place July 6, a designated off day for other competitions.
Wilson will compete in the 20-pound weight throw, the indoor cousin of the hammer throw, beginning at 12:30 p.m.
ATHLETICS (5): Men's hammer throw; Women's hammer throw; Women's shot put; Men's 5,000m; Women's 3,000m Steeplechase.
Graham Roberts took a gold and a silver medal in the hammer throw event at the British Masters Athletic Federation Championships held at Birmingham's Alexander Stadium earlier this month.
Tajik athlete Dilshod Nazarov has won silver medal in hammer throw within international competitions in Halle, Germany, the Committee on Youth, Sports and Tourism of Tajikistan reported.
Squad : Boys : 100m: Soumya Deep Saha, Mohit; 200 and 400m: Mohan Kumar; 800m: Mohammad Afzal; 1500m: Shashi Bhushan Singh, Ajay Kumar Saroj; 3000m: Abhishek Pal; 400m Hurdles: Paramveer Singh; High Jump: Ajay Kumar; Shot Put: Malkeet Singh, Ankit Tomer; Discus Throw: Parveen Kumar, Nirbhay Singh; Hammer Throw: Prakash Singh; Girls : 100 and 200m: Dutee Chand; 400m: G K Vijayakumari; 800m: Anjana Thamke; 3000m: Sanjivani Jadhav; 2000m Steeplechase: Lovely Tiwari; 100m Hurdles: Ankta Gosavi; Long Jump: Athira Surendran, Akshaya Sonali
London, Apr 3 ( ANI ): A former Russian Olympic hammer throw champion is set to lose her 2005 world championship title after doping charges were proved against her.
Meanwhile, Russia's Tatyana Lysenko claimed (http://www.london2012.com/athletics/event/women-hammer-throw/index.html?v=20120811-132359954) gold in the women's hammer throw , with an Olympic record of 78.18m.
It should be reminded that Dorra Mahfoudhi had won the Women's pole vault event on Monday, with 3.60 m whereas Sarra Ben Saad won a silver medal at women's hammer throw with (59.48 m).
Beijing Olympic hammer throw bronze medalist Koji Murofushi will compete in his competition of the season at the Osaka Grand Prix on May 8, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations said Thursday.
The control group did not perform the hammer throw, neither the 1RM in clean and snatch because of lack of proper exercise technique.
Alekos Pursanides won a bronze medal in the hammer throw with a 68.76m shot and Haris Koutras a bronze medal the 110m.
The men s marathon and pole vault and women s hammer throw and 5,000 are also on the schedule.