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any of five related nonmetallic elements (fluorine or chlorine or bromine or iodine or astatine) that are all monovalent and readily form negative ions

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Of course, not everyone or every place loves halogen.
They also boast improved color rendition and consistency and last three times the lamp life of incandescent halogen lamps.
Regular bulbs are made of glass, which blocks most UV rays, but because halogen bulbs burn at such a high temperature, they have to be made of quartz, which transmits the radiation.
consumers shopping for light bulbs this Valentine's Day and in the coming months may notice changes on retail store shelves: fewer incandescent bulbs and a wider selection of energy-efficient incandescent halogen bulbs.
Back in 1974, the issue causing the industry pain was how to use a new lamp source, tungsten halogen lamps, safely.
These factors allow for the RadReflect (ceramic reflective coated quartz halogen lamps) to be operated at higher application temperatures while keeping the back of the high quality quartz tube cool, extending the quartz halogen lamp life.
So, one might ask, why should the industry continue activity to limit halogens in laminate materials if TBBPA is acceptable from both a health and environmental perspective?
To sum up: A halogen is a chemical element found in many electronics components and is the focus of systematic regulatory elimination.
Joseph Green retired from FMC Corporation where he was a research Fellow working in the area of phosphorus and halogen flame retardants.
m today in which the first 1,000 LADWP customers can bring in their old, unsafe halogen torchiere floor lamps and receive a new, safe fluorescent floor lamp or a six-pack of compact fluorescent bulbs free.
Catalina Lighting, recognizing potential in the halogen torchiere category despite negative publicity surrounding the item, will relaunch the category this market.
If you're shopping for undercabinet lights, you'll find two options: fluorescent and halogen.
Other energy-efficient lighting solutions include halogen bulbs, fiber optics and E-lamps.
The halogen gas produced by the flux changes the surface tension of the metal and as the flux nitrogen mixture rises to the surface, it agglomerates the oxides.
Two years ago, scientists at the University of Genoa in Italy reported in a letter to NATURE data indicating that ultraviolet light from tungsten halogen quartz lamps could induce skin lesions.