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a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth

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Cutaneous metastatic melanoma resembling a halo nevus, in the setting of PD-1 inhibition.
Halo nevus (HN) usually occurs as a depigmented halo around a melanocytic nevus.[1],[2] Although the pathogenesis of HN remains unclear, the lesion-infiltrating CD8+ T-lymphocytes are regarded as having a key role in the immune-mediated melanocytic degeneration in this condition.[3],[4],[5] HN has been shown to be associated with many autoimmune diseases, of which vitiligo is the most closely related.[2],[6] Currently, no standard signs are available to identify HN patients at risk of vitiligo, and the relevant data obtained in previous studies are somewhat conflicting.[7],[8],[9] This study aimed to identify factors affecting the presence of vitiligo in HN patients using uni- and multi-variate analyses.
Sample study includes 11 cases of stable vitiligo and 1 case of Halo nevus. After thorough history taking, clinical examination and investigations, cases were posted for surgery after taking the informed and written consent.
Our patient had a halo nevus in the scalp and multiple patches of vitiligo elsewhere.
Bununla birlikte bazi olgularda norofibrom, dev konjenital nevus, konjenital intradermal nevus, halo nevus, nevus depigmentosus, mavi nevus ve melanom gibi lezyonlarin uzerindeki killarda poliozis gelistigi gozlenmistir (8-12).
Vucutta belirgin ve dikkat ceken bir pigmente nevus ya da halo nevus yoktu.