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a board game in which players try to move their pieces into their opponent's bases

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The two companies will be managed as a single Halma business as part of the Infrastructure Safety sector.
Looking to the future, as part of Halma, we are certainly beginning to make strides in new markets too.
The Global Fire Sensors and Detectors market is dominated by Bosch Security Systems, Tyco, Halma, Honeywell, United Technologies Corporation (UTC).
De acuerdo con este planteamiento, el teatro de Halma Angelico, de caracter intimista, ofrece un valioso testimonio sobre el modo como el cambio en el sistema tradicional de roles de genero afecto a las mujeres de preguerra.
The latest addition to our collection is the lidded sycamore box used to hold the game counters for Halma (or Alma, as it was called originally).
A Pakistani and a Somali from Al-Qaeda were killed in a raid by the (Popular Resistance) Committees" in Halma village north of the town of Jaar in Abyan province, said the source requesting anonymity.
As a result, the company has received the Manufacturing Excellence award for 2012 from its parent company Halma, beating off competition from 40 other Halma subsidiaries.
Labsphere, a Halma company, is a world leading designer and manufacturer of precision radiometric and photometric test and measurement products addressing the specific needs of the aerospace, electronic imaging, LED, lighting, medical imaging and optics industries.
a subsidiary of Halma Holdings, has acquired the Omnifit brand of products from sister Halma company Bio-Chem Fluidics.
Mae'r ysgoloriaeth yn deillio o aelodaeth Ty Cyfieithu Cymru o HALMA - rhwydwaith sy'n cysylltu ac yn cydlynu 27 o sefydliadau llenyddol ar draws Ewrop.
Based in Stifling, New Jersey, Halma designs and manufactures optical fiber cables and assembles, primarily custom-designed products for OEMs.
The Mail on Sunday: The turmoil on stock markets and within the wider economy is putting the focus on defensive and potentially recession-proof stocks, which is creating an opportunity for product manufacturer Halma.
Part of the global Halma group of technology companies, Labsphere is a world leader in light testing and measurement, and diffuse optical coatings.
North Sutton, NH-based Labsphere, part of the Halma group of companies, has unveiled its Spectralon Laser Pump Reflectors to provide high levels of diffusion efficiency for peak laser output.
Honeywell beat off interest from US industrial giants General Electric and competitors such as Halma.