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Synonyms for hallowed

Synonyms for hallowed

given over exclusively to a single use or purpose

regarded with particular reverence or respect

Synonyms for hallowed

worthy of religious veneration


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He said it was a strong indication that those who chose to exhibit hooliganism in the hallowed chambers when budget was being presented belonged to category of politicians who sought positions for personal aggrandizement and not for the Nigerians' wellbeing.
'What we saw on Wednesday at the hallowed chambers was a show of shame.
HALLOWED TURF: Youngsters and adults enjoyed the chance to play on the Anfield pitch
The name Voldemort, one might add, is anything but a hallowed one.
The question is whether we dare to call them "intelligences." If we do, then it means that they should be included in the hallowed realm of the school curriculum and not slighted as "mere" talents or aptitudes to be exercised only during extracurricular activities.
citizen who exemplifies the academy's motto--"Duty, honor, country." He then spoke about the meaning of those three hallowed words.
'Hallowed Ground' tells of Samantha Paige's retreat to her uncle's farm in Nashville, Tennessee following her dismissal from her hospital position as a critical care coordinator.
The racing press has not gone wild over Louisiana-based Hallowed Dreams equalling the modern-day record of 16 consecutive victories set by Citation and matched by Mr Frisky and Cigar.
Dr Alan Porter condemned stupid methods "hallowed by tradition" after the death of Graham Holmes, 23.
The Republicans, he said, "propose to cede back power from the hallowed halls of Congress to the more hallowed kitchen tables of America, where night after night families bow their heads in thanks and make decisions about education, charity, jobs, spending, debt, and values with a wisdom and compassion that no number of agency heads, cabinet secretaries, or members of Congress could ever match."
As the owner of two dogs, it angers me to see dogs in these hallowed places.
HALLOWED DREAMS landed a record-equalling 16th consecutive success when taking the $40,000 Miss Dixie Stakes for three-year-old fillies at Louisiana Downs on Saturday, writes Dan Farley.
HALLOWED DREAMS, a three-year-old filly who has never raced outside the US state of Louisiana, will attempt today to equal the modern-day record for consecutive victories, set by Citation and matched by Cigar, writes Dan Farley.